Corrosion Engineering - Materials Technology - Electrochemistry

Chester Dacres

Dr. Chester M. Dacres

Dr. Chester M. Dacres is the President and Technical Director of DACCO SCI, INC. He has utilized over 42 years experience in research and development to implement a variety of techniques and procedures for corrosion field engineering, nondestructive inspection/evaluation, and problem solving.

Previously, he was Head of the Corrosion Technology Group at the Naval Warfare Center (NSWC) (1976-1989) where he developed the Combat Systems Corrosion Protection and Control Program.
David Deik

Mr. David G. Deik

Mr. David G. Deik has a broad range of experience culminating from over 23 years in Corrosion Detection and Testing, Analytical and Environmental Evaluations, Water Pipeline Systems, Rail Systems, Marine Facilities and Designing Cathodic Protection Systems. In addition, he has a background in Project Management and Information Technology that he uses to develop and manage corrosion databases which are tailored for the client.