Corrosion Engineering - Materials Technology - Electrochemistry

"Effective Corrosion Evaluation and Design Lead to System Reliability"


DACCO SCI, INC. is a multi-discipline corrosion company providing a comprehensive array of technical services for government, utility, and commercial clients nationwide. Founded in 1988, DACCO SCI, INC. provides services in corrosion engineering, materials technology and electrochemistry.

DACCO SCI, INC. is able to bridge the gap between laboratory research and practical implementation. In addition, DACCO SCI, INC. specializes in the application of innovative and creative techniques to solve a variety of materials problems, in particular corrosion and environmentally induced degradation. Our services and activities also include research and development, feasibility studies, design, validation of corrosion protection systems and systems maintenance.

DACCO SCI, INC.'s corrosion engineering experience includes buried and underground pipelines, above ground and underground storage tanks, roadways, bridges, mass transit, ships, marine structures, and aircraft. Our field services include pre-design testing of soils, design of corrosion prevention and control (CPC) schemes such as cathodic protection, supervision of the installation of the CPC system during construction and lifetime inspection of structures.

DACCO SCI, INC.'s proprietary in-situ corrosion sensors detect coating degradation and substrate corrosion of the structure or specimen of interest in arbitrary environments. The sensors extend the use of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) from immersion in the laboratory to ambient environments in the field. The sensors facilitate coating development/screening, enable condition-based maintenance, and allow direct comparison and correlation between field or service degradation and accelerated laboratory testing.

DACCO SCI, INC. is independent of all manufacturing companies and can provide objective materials screening and analysis of problem areas and equipment designs, unobstructed by considerations of production revenue.